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The value of an international sculpture park for Mikkeli

Mikkeli Puisto and its surroundings are an excellent location for a sculpture park. The natural surroundings, situated on the shores of Saimaa, one of Finland’s most beautiful lakes. A high quality international sculpture park which also includes environmental projects - in this case inspired by the Finnish landscape - will be a new initiative in the world of sculpture parks.


Mikkeli Sculpture Park Roundabout

Mikkeli's roundabout sculpture could be the symbol for the Mikkeli Sculpture Park


Dynamic art and a dynamic international sculpture park in a dynamic Mikkeli is what this sculpture at the junction of cultures is to introduce to tens of thousands of visitors who must visit this part of Finland each year.


Dynamic art and a dynamic international sculpture park in a dynamic Mikkeli

The dynamism of art must be associated with the cultural power of Mikkeli.


An international sculpture park of allure, together with Mikaeli and its international tradition will make Mikkeli, and south eastern Finland a culturally even more comprehensive destination for lovers of the arts and nature - Mikkeli, a charismatic place. And there are numerous other public sculptures in Mikkeli. These can be inventarized and transformed into a sculpre route for tourists, students and other people interested in sculpture and art in general.


This sculpture park should offer the possibility to install renowned sculptures – and sculptures which will be made in the landscape - for the landscape, using the elements of nature. The aim is to select sculptors and ask them to loan sculptures to the park on a semi-permanent basis. Ars Natura - environmental art and art in the environment ...